Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April

Back to school after a sugary holiday weekend for the kids...needless to say, it was rather stressful.

I had to wake up the girls to take Dakota to school. And of course, Lily woke up in the pleasantest of moods *eye roll* I was reminding the kids that today was the 1st day of April. And they responded with "your birthday is in April, Mom."  I then proceeded with "wouldn't it be the craziest if you both suddenly had a happy face/good attitude and then yelled APRIL FOOLS!!!"  Dakota replied with "April Fool's?? that's for fools mom" 

Yep!! that's how exciting my morning was...hope yours was even more exciting!

The kids dyed eggs with their cousins this weekend. I decided to try the Koolaid method that has been plastered all over Pinterest lately. Well, it did what it said it would do. Colored the eggs. But I was a tad unimpressed. The colors on the eggs are starting to run now. So, while they make for a "not as messy" way to dye eggs, they aren't as fantastic as the regular dye packages. Just my opinion for ya!
 Dakota and Cash

 Lily, Sammy, and Leia


Leia showing her grumpy side when Sammy wouldn't let her hold the egg. Leia just wanted to cuddle each and every egg.

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