Wednesday, April 10, 2013


 We had some unbelievably nice weather the last few days. And then the clouds rolled in and brought rain, thunder, and COLD temps. It was 73 degrees this morning when I took the oldest to school. When I picked him up from school this afternoon, it had dropped into the high 40s....Brrrrr!

But the weather hasn't stopped the construction on Dakota's room. The rain makes it harder for the mud and texturing to dry but it seems to doing pretty good still. Leia followed Mr. John in and offered a helping hand on the sanding today. She had fun doing it, too.

Everything's has been going good here.
 Dakota is still doing GREAT in school. He has been learning about the solar system. He and another friend had to "research" a planet. They selected Mercury. They drew and colored a picture of Mercury. And completed the "research chart". Dakota told me one afternoon after school this week, "Mom, I'm learning something everyday."  <-- makes="" me="" p="" smile.="" that="">
Lily is doing good at school. Learning letters and numbers and having fun with her friends. Recently, I've noticed that Lily has a certain knack for playing golf....given it's virtual golf on the Wii. But she's actually doing pretty good with the golf game on the Wii Fit plus. 
Leia is currently 18 months old and into EVERYTHING. Life with her has super sweet moments and wanting-to-pull-your-hair-out moments. She is talking alot these days and I can understand most of what she says. 

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