Monday, June 24, 2013

Disgustingly sweet joys of motherhood

 Fun in the summer sun...Sporting goggles this time around. 

See this little mischievous girly? Oh, she provided a fabulous tale to tell. Here's your TMI alert ;)
Summer fun in the backyard. Kiddie pool aired up and filled with water. Goggles on and playtime has commenced. I get the kiddos situated with the pool and goggles. Then I head back inside to get dinner in the crock pot and to start on lunches for the kiddos. It never fails. Lily has to come in to go potty. Then Dakota is tired of being outside; I convince him to stay out a bit longer. Back and forth and back and forth. Then the door creaks open and I hear "Popsicle!!" It's Leia wanting a Popsicle. I tell her no, we are about to eat lunch. She then tries to hand me some "dirt or mud looking stuff"...and says "Poop!" 
I turn to look at her and the smell hits me! It's not mud or dirt. It's POOP!!  My first instinct is to get her back outside to spray her down. She complies and proceeds to sit down and slide across the floor and down the steps out to the backyard....stinky slide marks (ugh!) I am trying to wipe them up and then it hits me...she's headed for the pool with poop in her swim suit. I'm skipping over poop marks and screeching "NO POOL for LEIA!!" Leia hears that as a challenge. She's off and running to the pool as the poop is slipping, slipping, slipping and OUT! Dakota is spraying Leia in attempts to keep her away from the pool all the while getting his dear old momma soaked. I finally grab the hose, grab the baby and spray her little hiney clean. Then the poop clean up starts. 
Oh, the disgustingly sweet joys of motherhood!!! 

And no pictures of this little tale. Skipping around and holding onto a struggling stinky toddler had my hands full. 

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Annie said...

Looks like they are having a great time at the pool.