Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thoughts from Dakota

Thoughts from Dakota.
It amazes how much this little man thinks. He's gonna go far in life. Why? because he uses his brain.

We were riding down the road today. I mentioned the approaching storm clouds. Dakota says, "Those guys working better hurry up before the rain comes." I told him that they would probably welcome the rain right now. Then they get to go home. (they were working on the curbs along the road...road construction) Then I went on to say if I was I was working in this heat, I'd want it to rain for a few days. Then I could stay home. 
He sat back and got that thinking look on his face. "Well, staying home isn't all good. They should go to church."  I asked Why?  "Mom, they should go to church so that they can learn about Jesus, get saved, and then go to Heaven one day."  

Hmmm....yes, he uses his brain. Kinda proud Mommy Moment ♥

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