Friday, June 7, 2013

Parenting with the best of 'em

Our first week of Summer Break is coming to an end. (I'm not counting Saturday and Sunday because the hubby is home those days..and that helps to keep the kiddos occupied usually) It hasn't been too crazy here. 
A normal day consists of breakfast, cleaning up (if you wanna call it that), and then outside for playing before it gets too warm. After that, it's all play by ear.

On Monday, I did what I told myself I wasn't going to do til after vacation (mid July). I put panties on Miss Leia. I hope I'm not confusing her with panties on while at the house and diapers for outings, naptime, and bedtime. It was so easy potty training Lily (middle child) because I knew what not to do from experience with the older child. Well.....she's used to wearing panties now. We haven't had any success except for pooping on the potty last night WITH her panties still on. Just fabulous. After nap one afternoon, she asked for panties when I went to change her diaper. I say, that's a step. 
I know, I should be "NO more diapers only panties" and she will train. But right now, I'm not in the "shove potty training down your throat" type mode. I could be. But she's the last baby. 

I feel the pressures from everywhere to "do it this way" or "if you do _____ every 37.5 seconds, you'll be amazed at the transformation."  Seriously, do I want to work the "get rich scheme parenting methods" with my children right now??? They are only little for a short time. I am seeing this in my oldest. It seems like he was just a baby. Now, He's reading off the the guide list on the TV for me. He helps with Leia's breakfast. He's practically an adult by some

Talking along the lines of pressures of parenting/motherhood....I was trying to figure out my "style of parenting". I'm sure I don't fit the strict parenting mold. I'm more a transplant of inspiration, added with a stem of Happiness, mixed with alot of love and crazy potty dances, fueled with Coffee and the desire to succeed, and sprinkled with tidbits of silly faces.

I've read the books, seen the movies, and wear the t-shirts. With all the information out there to "do this or that". I take the Blessed are the peacemakers approach. I know I get this from my dad. Well, It's either "blessed are the peacemakers" or "greet the brethren with a holy kiss" *kiss kiss* haaaa!  
I'm willing to read what you share and then take what I need from it. I won't bash your views to the ground. I understand that there are things that people are passionate about. I get that. We live in America. You're free to express your views, your thoughts, your freedom of speech. But what gets me is those that "shout it from the rooftops" and then live the exact opposite. I'm confused. What you say is good, but what you act is something else. 
I'll hold onto to this "Blessed are the peacemakers" mentality. I'll smile at your suggestions (some are excellent) and then we'll continue on with our lives. Taking a little here and there to improve and better ourselves.  ♥

I'm not sure if this is even the least bit understandable. But it's been on my mind lately. And my coffee is getting cold....enJoy. :)

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