Sunday, June 23, 2013

Park fun

 Lilyann made a friend at the park the other day. It was kinda sweet. She introduced herself and within minutes the other little girl wanted to come over and play. I think we lived in the same city as this little girl, we probably could have worked out a playdate, but we don't. :( Lily did have a great time with her new friend while we were at the park.

 The youngest is my crazy animated one. She has a facial expression for almost everything. Lately, she's found her wide eyed look and also, the dreaded poochie lip look. Totally not a fan of that last one. 

I was talking with my sister while the kids were loading up in the van. Leia sneaked into the backseat with the big kids. Climbed into Dakota's booster seat and tried to buckle. She was almost successful. But momma got her back in her 5 pt harness car seat. She's still too young for riding like a big kid in the van. But I did stop to snap a quick picture. She wouldn't even look at me for fear I would guess that wasn't her seat. Her animated personality is priceless!!

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