Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Backyard Lunch...Success!

 Lunch in the backyard was a huge hit with Leia. She sat the entire time, ate all her food, and drank all her drink. I was surprised. Usually she takes a few bites and then throws her food to floor from her high chair and then asks to "get down". Outside eating might be exactly what we will do...as the weather permits.
Clean up was a breeze! Plates in the trash and kids into the little pool for a quick wash off. Kinda proud of my smart mommy moment there...lol

 Dakota is the best big brother. He helps me constantly with his sisters...especially with Leia. Though he did tell me that Leia is getting heavier :) 

Beautiful day in the backyard. Kids should sleep awesomely tonight...at least, I know that I will.

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