Monday, October 28, 2013

Growing, growing, growing

Guess what he's doing?? He has learned how to do arm farts *eye roll* ...this mom is positively thrilled *another eye roll* He is all boy. He told me one cold morning "If I wear these gloves, it's harder to do arm farts, Mom!" Yep! he's his father's son. Our oldest is doing great in school. The work is getting harder and he doesn't understand why his hand is starting to hurt while writing his spelling words. I told him if he did a little each day it wouldn't hurt as badly...but he still slacks til the last moment. For the first 6 weeks of school, he made A/B Honor Roll....AWESOMENESS!

Our middle child is doing awesomely in school as well. She really enjoys going to school...once she gets there. Mornings are still something to be desired but she'll slowly get into these early (to her) school days.
She is writing more. She loves finding her sight words everywhere. Whether they are in the hymnal at church, on a commercial, or on a poster...she'll find them. Her zeal for learning is incredible. Psst! she recently got a shorter haircut. I'll have to share that picture in a future post :) 

I found our youngest child already perusing the Toys 'r Us ads. She loves to look at the pictures of "cool toys". Christmas is less than 2 months away....this momma better get on the shopping ball.
Each day is an experience with Little Chickie...Whew! and each day, I tend to enjoy my coffee just a tad more. :) Last week, Little Chickie realized that Momma left apples out (as a display on our table..I'm trying to spruce things up a bit). Well, Chickie became the official apple or 2 bites out of each apple...AHHHHHHH! 
And this morning, she has finally discovered the soap dispenser. She likes the pump action...oh Myyyyyy!! I'm all for clean hands, but not when it requires a full bottle of soap for each wash. 

God, grant me patience to deal with this antics.

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