Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"spaghetti dinners"

Crazy how a spaghetti dinner can trigger thoughts about way back when.
Now, I'm not going to go TOO far back with my memories...just a few years. Almost 10 to be exact.

When Jed and I first got married, life was perfect. 2 incomes and minimal expenses. Then we decided that apartment life wasn't for us. We wanted a house...and children. Jed told me for now, it was one or the other. Well......we found the perfect house for a great price. It was a fixer upper but we were young and somewhat newly weds...we could do it! Thanks to special permission from the sellers, we were able to come in early and paint before signing on the house. I know that was risky; but we wanted it done before we moved in and the apartment lease ended.
And guess what we found out the week we became home owners?!?!?!?
We were expecting!!!!!
Crazy how things work out. 

Now...back to the spaghetti dinner. When we were both working, we rarely ate meals at home. But once we started having children, meals were the only way...the cheapest way. Spaghetti was something that was a regular menu item for us.
 1) it was cheap
 2) super quick and easy to make 
 3) it reminded me of Monday night dinners at home. 
And with my coming from a large family, I had only prepared it for a large family. Meaning the whole package of meat, a whole jar of sauce, and a whole box of noodles were used. We could eat dinner all week after that meal...haha, no lie
Now, spaghetti is a rare occurrence around here. But I made it last night. It was something quick and easy. 
I was stirring some spinach into the sauce (don't tell the kiddos) and Jed walked into the kitchen. I asked him if he remembered the spaghetti days. Big smile and a nod. Yep! those were the days.

In the last 10 years, I've learned to cut recipes in half and sneak veggies into sauces.

yes! these thoughts were brought to you by a spaghetti dinner.

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