Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Let me be Real with you

It's allergy season here in East Texas.
It's pollen pollen everywhere. I know that this time of season is needed. Without it, we wouldn't have the pretty flowers, beautiful shade trees, and yummy fruit.
The weather has recently turned beautiful...minus all the pollen. It's perfect weather for the kids to be outside playing. I let them out one afternoon and they headed straight for the trampoline. Within seconds, there was a cloud of yellow dust. :( I then thought that sweeping off the trampoline might make it easier...nope! that just made it worse for those around.
So, we are housebound til a good rain will wash everything off. The last 2 days have teased us with chances of us a sprinkle here and there along with overcast skies and quiet thunder rumble. But nothing to clear up the pollen problem as of yet.

so, enough about weather, they say it's the perfect conversation starter ;)

I'm still working out. YAY!! I'm actually proud of myself (is that allowed?). I've stuck with this for 6 weeks so far. I love the extra energy. Some days I do have to push myself, but I'm still making it happen. I've lost 4 lbs since I started!! YAY!! and my clothes aren't as snug. Wanna know something hilarious?? I was acting crazy with the girls today and I started running to put the cart up. I almost lost my skirt!!!! Whhhaaaaaaaaaaa!! yep, I might need to invest in a belt now. hahaha!

Anywho, life is going good minus the pollen and sneaky skirts, lol

I saw this today on a Facebook page I follow.... Joy of Mom

I'm far from perfect, so I'll just be real.


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