Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Peace, Love, and......look at that squirrel !!!

Do you ever have those days were you'd love the world to be happy? For everything to go just right for everyone. Just one day for smiles on everyone's face, money in everyone's pockets, green lights and red lights when they're needed, the milk jug always full.....oh, you get the idea. 

I'd love for one of those days to happen.
Can imagine all the happiness and smiles? 

Just one a perfect world.

It's a nice thought.

Currently, I'm dealing with short attention span. Here's a smidgen....

Hmmm...I really need to wash dishes so I have utensils for dinner tonight. I start on that only to realize that something needs to be set out for dinner causing me to open the freezer door. This in turn makes a noise triggering my youngest to come running into the kitchen acting as if she hasn't eaten all day. But she really only wants to hold the fridge door open and talk about what might be in there to eat. Seeing the fridge open makes realize that we're almost out of milk and something in there needs to be tossed. I toss it only to realize that the trash is super full and needs to be emptied. Off to empty the trash...not just in the kitchen but throughout the house (might as well do it all at once). 

Are you getting the idea??? Maybe it's Child Induced Attention Deficit Disorder for me...but any who, I finally finished the dishes, made the youngest lunch, and had my lunch. After all that running around just to originally wash dishes, I'm flat wore out. But is the child exhausted?? absolutely not! let's play games, Mommy!!! While I'm thinking, let's just lie on the couch and watch a movie instead. For now, my ploy is working...but my mind is wandering to the full hamper in the girls' room that needs to be washed. 

It's a never ending day of work for my happiness. Those few moments when all is right in the the result of the times when you question your own sanity.

Off to get a load of clothes in the washer....and who knows when I'll be back because I'm walking into the garage where I'm sure there's a gazillion things to do with a door to the outside that Leia will surely want to open just to check if the swings are still outside :) Yes, she's a smart child with ploys of her own to get what she wants. 


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