Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin, Prayers, & Patience

That morning when the not-so-happy-about-mornings child is smiling :) I'm thinking it had to do with the muffins for breakfast (easy pumpkin muffins), but I'm positive it had to do with prayers from family members that we'd have a successful morning. 

It's been a doozy of a time here in the morning. Getting kids up and out the door by the time the alarm go off. It's like a "minute to win it" marathon. Some mornings, I just tend to give up and say "I'm in the van. Get in when you're FINALLY ready." I know, it's not the best of attitudes. But wowza!! my patience is spread thin lately. 
The girls are in this "let's see how fast we can make Mommy look CrAZy" competition. Separately, the girls are perfect little angels. But as soon as they are together, it's everything you can imagine between a good knock-down sibling squabble. Oy Vey! 

That hour before school and those 2 hours after school make or break me. I almost feel as if I shouldn't let this affect me so much. But I guess it's the joys of motherhood. If anything, it's strengthening my patience (I hope) and teaching me something I surely need when "the girls" are teenagers. 

Patience .....one that I'm still working on. I think this was a new year's resolution. :}


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