Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can it really be possible?

Lily, Dakota, and Mommy...having fun!

The kids and I were goofing around yesterday evening...and we took some silly pictures. We were celebrating for Lily...She pooped in the potty. I don't think she understood much of what was going on...but she did enjoy flushing her poopoo and saying Bye Bye.

Lily is starting to show interest in the potty. She thinks that anytime anyone goes into the bathroom, she MUST follow. So, I have a potty chair beside the big potty and she will sit there beside you.

Yesterday, I saw the poopy face start...

and then I heard the grunt..

so I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom, took her diaper off and she pooped!! Yay!
I called Dakota into the bathroom and we all gave High Fives. Lily was all smiles. Then I got out the treats..The lollipops for going poopoo.

She hasn't had anymore potty victories...but she does know that what she did made everyone happy.

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your kids are adorable!
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