Monday, October 5, 2009

Makes My Monday: Fishy, Parties, and Dancers

Dakota and Lily ridin' the horse...Uncle Jerry was such a trooper!

Weekend recap...let's see...

Friday was a long day. We got up early to take Jed to work, so that we would have the truck to take Kota do the doctor. Kota woke up Thursday morning wheezing...It sounded like he had swallowed a whistle. I told him he sounded like Thomas the train. We got him in on Friday. Nothing like sitting in the sick waiting room during cold and flu season. Ugh. I can tell that a lot of parents got the same amount of sleep that I did the night before. I was never so happy to get the kids back to the room to see the Dr. It's the small things in life.

Kota doing one of his breathing treatments

The Dr checked Dakota fever, no "monkeys in his ears" (ear infections), just lots of wheezing in his lungs. The Dr put Dakota on breathing treatments and steroids. Dakota has done pretty good with "acting like a fishy" and taking his medicine. He seems to be feeling better, not wheezing, but still a little coughing and congested.

Saturday was nice. Laundry and cleaning were on my list of things to do. And I got those things done (though you can't tell now). Saturday was Jerilyn's (Jed's cousin) birthday...her 21 st, I might add. So, we headed out to her house to help celebrate. We got there in time to play a quick game of volleyball. I LOVE volleyball. I used to play in high school and had a blast playing. I found myself getting back into the groove to play...setting it up, diving for the ball, and kneeling down to bump it right back over the net. Needless to say, my jeans have grass stains now. It was fun playing with friends and family. Dinner followed and then the festivities began....Singing Happy Birthday, cutting the cake, and opening presents.

Lily with Jerilyn getting ready to blow out the candles...

Blowing out the candles...practice for Lily in almost 2 months
~Jerilyn's mom made the cake..and might I add, did a fabulous job--looked great and tasted oh! so yummy!!~

Dakota helping to open presents

Sunday. Rainy, relaxing weather. Our Sunday consisted of church, lunch at home while watching football, going to see the Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company, and followed up with church. Jed's mom gave us tickets to see the Ukrainian dancers while she stayed home and watched the kids. Boo, Jed's grandmother, went with us. It was AMAZING!!! Definitely a MUST SEE!! We couldn't take pictures of the show, but I found a video online of one of their dances. It is a longer video...but one of the best to see all the colors, and details of the dance.

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Cheryl Lage said...

Thank YOU for the amazing weekend recap! Looks like such a wonderful time all around. NEXT time, we want video of you getting those volleyball caused grass stains!

Your fun time Makes My Monday for sure...thanks for playing along!

Annie said...

You were so busy, Joy. So glad you enjoyed your weekend.

Hope Dakota feels better soon.

Have a nice week.

BoufMom9 said...

Those dancers were FABULOUS! What a great show!

And, that cake! YUMMO!

So sorry you are dealing with breathing treatments... me too :(

ps Nice to meet your beautiful family :)