Monday, October 26, 2009

Makes My Monday

Thursday...I let Kota play in the puddles when the rain finally stopped. He had a blast!!

Friday...On my top 10 list of favorite pictures. This is Dakota and his friend holding a butterfly.

Saturday....Lily playing with the neighbor's kitty. And the kitty was playing back.

You know what Makes My Monday???

Our van is fixed...FINALLY!!! It took Jed lots of time, hard work, and a friend's help (Bro. Lott) and now the timing belt is changed. I haven't driven it yet...but plan on driving it today to the get back into my workout routine before the holidays come.

Having transportation makes my Monday. But having a husband willing to use his days off to solely work on our van definitely Makes My Monday. Thank you, Jed. I Love You!

I didn't take pictures of Jed working but I did take some pictures from the weekend of the kids playing outside. We had some spectacular weather. Sunny and cool!!

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monica said...

Yay on having a fix van!! Great pictures of the kids playing!

Cheryl Lage said...

Isn't a good man a wonderful thing? Hooray for your fixed van!

That butterfly picture belongs on the front of a greeting card...actually ALL the pictures do!

Definitely Monday Makers...thanks for playing along!

freckletree. said...

yes to puddle jumping.

will look forward to getting past puddle crawling (just not the same, you know??).