Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to our Lilyann Jade

Lilyann is 2 yrs old today!!

♫Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Hap-p-p-py Birthday dear Lily Lu, Happy Birthday to you!♫

Today, November 30, is Lily's birthday...We celebrated her party yesterday with family. Lily did great! She LOVED her cake...maybe a little too much, she kept grabbing fingerfuls (is that a word?) of icing. She ate her cake like a big girl and loved getting to drink some soda from a big girl's cup. Now, the blowing out of candles and the present opening are definitely things to work on. She knows how to blow bubbles, but can't seem to get the blowing a candle out. She kept blowing her bangs up in the air instead of blowing out the candles. We got a video of it...I will post it once I get it loaded. So, check back soon!

Those who have followed from the beginning know that each birthday we count our blessings. Lily's 1st birthday was a big milestone for us.

Lilyann Jade
~November 30, 2007~

Lilyann with Mommy and Daddy
~April 15, 2008~

Lilyann and Daddy in Florida
~June 2008~

Lilyann's 1st birthday
~Thanksgiving Day 2008~

Because at 7 weeks old, Lilyann was diagnosed with a heart murmur. She had a hole in her heart. She had a medium to large Ventricular Septal Defect. We were devastated. She wasn't gaining weight, she was so tiny...and not eating very well or at all on some days.
At 4 1/2 months (after a 2 week hospital stay and an NG tube for her feedings), Lilyann had open heart surgery to repair her VSD. She did great!! After her surgery, she was growing by leaps and bounds. She is still on the small side...but her heart is perfect. All fixed.

Seeing how Lily started out makes each birthday that much sweeter!!

She's our Little Amazer....fighting from the beginning and still fighting (with her brother) today.

Lilyann with Daddy
~November 29, 2009~

Wearing her party hat for all of 2 seconds

Helping herself to some of her birthday cake
~made by Grandma

So, what makes your Monday??? Mine is the Miracle of Life!
♥Happy Birthday, Lilyann Jade♥

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Annie said...

Happy Birthday Lilyann!!! God bless you!!!

I love the cake, just beautiful. Did you make it?

Have a nice week.

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Happy, Happy Birthday, Lilyann Jade! Such a beauty...what a Monday Maker!

Enjoy this special day, and thanks for playing along!

Barbara Manatee said...

Wow! She IS amazing and adorable, too!!

Happy Birthday Lilyann!!