Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3rd time's a charm...at least for Dakota

I never thought it would happen...but it did! We finally had a wonderful "tooth doctor" visit! Finally! I guess 3rd time really is the charm.
Previously, I had taken Dakota to Kool Smiles (a network of dental offices that provides general dental care to children and parents). And let me tell you....I was not the least bit impressed. The first time, I was made to feel like the bad mom, since Dakota had cavities, etc. The 2ND time....was a very traumatic experience for Dakota (and myself)....let me just tell you...they did x-rays which Dakota cried through...and that was just the start.

So, I finally found another dentist...Thanks to my sister. And they accepted Medicaid (the kids' insurance)...but were not accepting new patients. Since Dakota had a referral for an evaluation for sedation work, they scheduled us. Dakota did great! The atmosphere was calm and inviting. The staff had great people skills. It was Fantastic!

After they checked out Dakota's teeth and started talking about all the work that he would need done. (yes, he needed work done. Cavities and Tooth decay were not nice to his teeth...thanks to late night sippy cups) I got on the subject of Lilyann. I wanted to put a plug in for her...to see..if just maybe they would go ahead and see her (though she would be considered a new patient)...and it worked!! They asked me to bring her back that afternoon. They saw her, got her evaluated, and scheduled for her dental work.

Both kids will require dental surgery. Yes, sad. But this way, they can have everything taken care all at once. We won't have to make numerous visits to the dentist over a period of time. Lilyann has a tooth that was severely chipped over Thanksgiving weekend. The dentist told me that this tooth looks to be savable!

Since both kids require dental work, we scheduled them for the same day. February 25. So, we have about a month to prepare for it all.
I am sad that the kids will have to go through this, but it will help their teeth in the long run. We are already working on starting good teeth habits. Brushing more. Cutting back on the sweet drinks and adding more water. It will be hard, but worth it in the long run.

I didn't take any pictures of Dakota at the dentist. I was nervous at how well he was behaving to begin with...I didn't want to jinx it.
But I did get a chance to snap of picture of Miss Lilyann...sitting proud in the dental chair...as happy as could be...and this was even after they had "counted" her teeth and used their special mirror.
I am so happy that the kids both did well at the dentist. Happy kids make for a happy mommy.

Keep February 25 in mind...and pray for the kids.


Annie said...

For me, the hard appointment is the dentist. I hate the things they use to clean and their sound is horrible.

But, thanks God they did well.

"Grammy" Sue B said...

OHMYGOODNESS....Did Lilyann's "tooth that was severely chipped over Thanksgiving weekend" happen at OUR house??? I don't remember any tragedy, honestly! SO SORRY both kids have tooth issues that actually require surgery! EGADS...that is traumatic! PTL for your dental care coverage!!! We have NONE and tomorrow I have an appointment to get a new crown started on a molar. There "was" a crown on that tooth but it was loose and my flossing made it come out, only to see a BIG hole in the crown. Now I need a new one....$860 plus xray fee. Repeat....NO INSURANCE. Sigh.
Love you BIG....Aunt Sue