Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blogger's Block ?!?!

I think maybe I have blogger's block.
Is that even a legit diagnosis??

I have thoughts...but when they thoughts come to me, I don't have the time to sit down at the computer and tell you all about my thoughts. The kids pull me here or there.

With the weather being warmer, the kids have been outside more. I think on Monday...they were outside about 90% of the time. They loved being able to jump on the trampoline, swing on the swings, play with the puppies through the neighbor's fence, and just have fun. They weren't confined to the house...like it has been for the last week or 2. They were free...free to be outside...feel the sunshine (and the humidity). It's been nice.

We have been just taking it easy lately. We had a carefree weekend...which was nice since the weather was kinda yucky. Just a continual drizzle all day...enough to get you wet. We did go look at bunk beds for the kids' room. We found a set that we like...just waiting for the wonderful income tax return to come in and we will get them. Dakota was excited. He got to play on the display and then he cried when we left without the new bunk beds.

My sleepy Lily with Daddy

I, also, spent Saturday looking around for Buzz Lightyear decorations for Dakota's party. We didn't find any. I know they sell them online...but the shipping is what gets you. So, we have decided to let the cake be the main decoration (well, Grandma helped me decide that) and we use solid colors that will bring it all together. Dakota's birthday is on the 28Th, but we will be celebrating it on the 24Th.

Well, I will let that be our little update for now. I was wide awake, but sitting down at the computer has somewhat relaxed me...and then looking at the clock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen reminds me that...Bedtime is a must! Sleep is essential to make it through the day with children.

Here is Lily...all ready for a picture taken with Dakota...and then he turns around at the last minute.......as you can see from the picture below...Lily was not too happy that Dakota wasn't staying to take the picture.


Annie said...

I understand, take your time and kids need you.

The Griffin Family said...

Hey girl! I have a Buzz Lightyear costume you are welcome to borrow if you would like. You may already have one but if not, what's mine is yours. I considered doing a party with this theme before. I have a few cheap ideas I can share with you if you are interested. Just let me know! I tend to get a bit carried away with Alex's parties but I just love planning them and pulling together something cute on a shoestring budget. :) Kat
(feel free to email me at katriana@brogoitticonstruction.com if you would like) :)