Monday, January 25, 2010

Dakota's 4th Birthday party

As you can tell from the was quite the party. Yes, Dakota had a poochie lip episode...that lasted almost the whole party. He has been geared up for his party for a while. And then when it is finally here. He decides to be grumpy. He LOVES all the attention, but I think he is a bit shy when he actually gets all the attention. Dakota's party was a Buzz Lightyear theme party. We didn't do much for decorations...but Grandma did a fantastic job on the cake! The cake was the decorations (until we ate it! yummy!!)
Dakota really enjoyed his party...for those that were there and thought maybe he didn't. He played with his new toys all day today.
I can't believe my little guy is going to be 4 (January 28th)....He is growing up so fast.

The super duper cool cake that Grandma made

and a closeup of the cake...awesome!

Dakota got new boots for his Birthday. He loves his new boots.

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Annie said...

Oh, love his grumpy face.

The cake was beautiful, wow.

So glad you had a great weekend.