Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dakota

Dakota Wyatt
January 28, 2006
6 lbs 2 oz

Happy Birthday, Dakota!!!

I can't believe my little dude is 4 years old. This morning, he was walking through the house singing ♫Happy Birthday to Me...Kota, Happy Birthday to me...Kota♫

Today, we got up and went to the park...but first, we went by the bakery at our local grocery store and Dakota got to pick out what he wanted. He then picked out a cupcake for Lily.
And then off to the park, to eat our treats!

They played and played...and then we headed on to the gym.
They said that Dakota was just so polite today. I guess it has to do with being 4 now.
He was sharing with his friend, Mrs. Connie.

It makes my heart ♥ happy to hear the good reports about Dakota.

Lily...enjoying her cupcake

Kota with the puppy cupcake that he picked out!

Playing at the park today

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Annie said...

God bless him. Happy Birthday Dakota!!!

WOnderful pictures from today.