Friday, January 8, 2010

Our week in review

Thursday afternoon...this is the view of the clouds from the kitchen window

It has been quite the week. Lily has been sick...which makes for long nights for everyone. She started out with a croupy cough, moved to cough and fever, and is now fever free with a runny nose and congestion. The Dr is calling in some medicine for Lilyann to take for the congestion. Hopefully, we are on the last leg of this "cold".
With this arctic blast hitting the south and south east...we are having some record breaking tips. Thankfully, we are safe and warm inside. the gym waiting to go swimming

Kota...all ready to go!

We did take the kids swimming on Sunday afternoon at the gym's pool. It has been awhile since we have had the opportunity to go for Family swim time.

I hope you enjoy a few photos from our week.

Lily..all ready for bed...her puppy and her sunglasses

Kota and Lily with their favorite breakfast food...corndogs!!

Lilyann...trying on Kota's cowboy boots. Quite the fashion statement!

I know...odd picture...but I used one of my Christmas presents this week...The Perfect Brownie Pan. I know..that's not brownies...but I didn't have any brownie mix in the yellow cake had to do...and it did. They turned out perfectly!

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Annie said...

Looks like a wonderful week.

The cake looks delicious.

Have a nice weekend.