Monday, November 22, 2010

I am Thankful for.....

All is well on the Home front...
We are almost halfway through with Lily's antibiotics. She doesn't seem as whiny as before...and we are down to only using the "fishy" when she really needs it.

Dakota is out of school this week....This morning, he woke up and asked, "Mom, am I going to school today?" I call back, "No." Then I have him come look at the calendar and show him how many days he will be off from school, what day we go for Thanksgiving dinner, the day we go shopping (Friday), the day we celebrate Lily's birthday, etc. He was excited....but he does think that Dad should be home from work since he is home from school.

This past weekend, we (well, Jed and his mom...I helped a tiny bit) finally fenced in our backyard. The majority was fenced when we bought the house over 5 years ago, except for one side...and now it is all fenced in. The gutters were cleaned out and repaired..and the front of the house, it is ready for Christmas lights to be hung.

Lily enjoyed playing with the dirt that we dug up from the side of the yard. We are attempting to fix the drainage on the side of our house. When it rains heavy, the water builds up at the back down of our garage and then comes under the door and through the garage...which is NOT good. With the gutters fixed and the side of the yard sloping a bit to the ditch in our front yard, we are hoping this will fix the problem. Tomorrow is the BIG TEST...we have rain in the forecast. Now, we will get to see if all our hard work was futile.

I had to share this with you all...This is what Dakota is thankful for. With every picture colored, drawn, or painted, the teacher asks "what is it?" Most of Dakota's pictures come home with the title "I don't know" and a smiley face. Well, this craft shows that Dakota is thankful for "a dog", "a kitty", and "that's dad said". I guess that was all that Dakota was thankful for...Gotta love how kids think and what they say.

So, what are you thankful for?


Heather said...

Poor Lily. she looks so sweet in that picture though. I hope she is 100% very soon. I love her thankful project. Too cute. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Annie said...

Praying for a quick recovery for Lily.

Cute project for Dakota.

Happy Thanksgiving!