Tuesday, November 2, 2010

still kicking

just dropping by to let all my readers (y'all haven't given up on me yet, have y'all?!) that we are still alive and kicking.
November is a busy month and we are only 2 days into it. I am working on finalizing the kids' insurance right now; and oddly enough the people at CHIPs won't share any information with me because I am NOT the head of household. It's crazy how at times they choose (yes, I said, Choose) to follow rules and policies. Due to checking "yes" to one question about who brings in the money of our household, Jed's name is now on everything related to health insurance for the kids. So, NO ONE will talk to me or answer any of my questions since I am not Jed....how frustrating!!! I am the one who signs each and every application for the kids' insurance...My signature counts for clarifying information but not for receiving information....absolute CraZiness!!

So, that is what I am doing lately....that and laundry. I will get back with y'all soon to share about our weekend. Until then, pray for my sanity while finishing up the insurance paperwork for the kids.


Annie said...

Hang in there, girl!!! I'm still here,haha.

Heather said...

Ugh, insurance stuff is the worst isn't it? I haven't been around much online lately either. But I'm still here!