Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving ramblings

I am Thankful for my wonderful kids

I went for Take #3 for Christmas pictures today. It was a rather windy day for it, but the kids enjoyed being outside. We met up with my sister and her kids, and my Sister-in-law and her daughter. The windy weather was a much needed break from the "humuggy" weather we have been experiencing lately. And thanks to the wind, and a front coming in from the this time tomorrow night, we will be in jackets, jeans, and comfy socks. A far cry from my attire today...shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops.

Dakota, Alexis (cousin), and Lily

Lily, Cash and Samantha (cousins), and Dakota

And again...still trying to decide which one to send to Grandma

Today is Thanksgiving is super early on Thanksgiving Day, and I am wide awake. Go figure! It doesn't feel like Thanksgiving Day...It feels like just a day that most people have off to prepare for Christmas. I was talking with Jed about it this evening..and he was saying that it feels that way because we have commercialized it too much. We went for quick last minute shopping trip to Sam's Club this evening and I saw a friend there. I joked that we were out for some last minute items before tomorrow when all is closed down...and they said...well, not everything is closed down. Almost everywhere is still open. I remember (and I'm not really that old here) when everything shut down for the holidays. Now, everyone is out to make a quick dollar...I often wonder if we all went back to the way things were...when we set aside a day for Thanks, a day for time with family, good eating, and just making memories...if we, as a nation, would really be in the financial and emotional situation that we are currently in...I wonder?!

We just need to bring back the traditions.

Now, I'm not against shopping...believe me! I will be with the crowds tonight at midnight trying to get the best deals on some items to finish out my Christmas shopping list...but can't we just stop this rapid pace of jumping from one holiday to another? Just kick our feet up and enjoy the time we have with our families? Sit back and count our blessings? Because I know with these struggling times, we ALL have many blessings to count. It may not be the blessing of the latest model of car, the ginormous bonus at work, the latest gadget....but the blessing of Family, Love, our Health, just having the opportunity to celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday..our Freedom.

Just a little on my mind I lie awake thinking of all the things that I am thankful for.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving Day?

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Annie said...

I'm thankful for my husband, the girls and my family.