Sunday, November 14, 2010

Makes My Monday: Take 1 (pictures)

2 "seasons" in one...changing leaves in the background and holly berries in the front

Here are a few snapshots of our attempt at Christmas pictures.

I was trying to go with a different approach to pictures this year. Instead of having the kids pose in front of the Christmas tree, I opted for some outdoor shots. We weren't very successful, but we did make some memories. And I now realize that infants are much easier to take pictures of....they can't run from you, or hold a poochie lip for the entire photo session. They will hold whatever you tell them....and you always get the perfect smile when playing peek-a-boo. I miss that stage. They grow up way too fast for my liking.

Lilyann standing by the tree..I just couldn't get her to keep her hands away from her face

Dakota hiding behind the tree...Lily not really wanting the picture taken

My favorite of Dakota

Lily and Me

I'm going to try again....I would love to have a picture of Lily and Dakota together. But if not, I can always do single shots.

What's your trick to snapping the best pictures of your energetic toddler/preschooler?

Playing along with Cheryl from Twinfatuation for Makes My Monday in hopes of receiving some magnificent tips for holiday photo taking.


Cheryl Lage said...

What wonderful pictures all around!

My photography cannot compare to yours, but I've found the best images tend to come from those candid unexpected moments where I just happen to be fortunate enough to have the camera! :)

Annie said...

Those pictures are great. I like Lily's face (third picture)