Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with You+Me+Kiddos=Family

Grandma's Christmas Tree...all aglow

I hope I am not the only one...but I am so happy that Christmas is over. Now, I do enjoy the decorations, Christmas music, candycanes, wrapping paper everywhere, but the long lines, and the hustle and bustle...I know it's part of Christmas, but spoken by Jed and his mom, "I'm not punching no time clock". I think this is why I LOVE Thanksgiving more. It's just yummy food, time spent with family, and memories. No running around to make sure that each and every person has the exact number of presents, similar presents, etc.

My kids found 1 or 2 gifts and those are the gifts that they have stuck with.

Dakota loves his Legos (especially the Lego guys) and his DS. Lily loves her Strawberry Shortcake remote control car, her blocks, and her Leapfrog Scribble and Write.

I am starting to enjoy our new printer. Finally a printer that works and works without skipping every other line. So exciting!! I can print off my own Disney Movie Rewards Coupons and I can print off directions instead of handwriting everything. Woohoo!

Our Christmas tree is down...all decorations put away. Now, we are on to planning Jed's birthday party. He is a New Years baby. So, as usual, we head out to his aunt and uncle's house on New Year's Eve and get ready for an evening of fun. We eat, play Wii games or other card games (UNO attack and Nerts), enjoy sparklers and some small fireworks, and ring in the new year all together with family. It is my 2nd favorite holiday after Thanksgiving.

But to tide you all over til you get to see the fun pictures from New Year's Eve, here some pictures from Christmas for us and then Christmas morning at grandma's house.

Dakota..getting his stocking down all by himself

Lily wanting her stocking down

Dakota with his Lego Guys...Army guys from Toy Story

My 3 loves...Enjoying our Christmas morning.
See what Kota's wearing? He wore those pjs all day and on to Grandma's house for Christmas Eve...and there he only changed into other pjs because they were Lego Star Wars.

Christmas Eve at Grandma's house...the girls (Lily and Lexi, cousins) sitting with their buddies

Santa left his tracks and let the reindeers in for their snack as well..they left a few droppings as well

Lily, Lexi, and Kota showing off what Santa brought them... Leapfrog Scribble and Write

Lily playing some tunes on her record player

Lily...on the way to Christmas Boo's. sporting her new "cowgirl" boots from Grandma

Kota with the cousins

Lily asking Jerilyn to open her blocks

Lily with her blocks

Kota opening up a gift

lots of turkeys crossing the road...they must have know that today was their holiday as well. Christmas, the holiday where most people eat Ham.

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Annie said...

As always, great pictures.

We finish Christmas on January 6 when we receive the visit of the Three Kings.