Friday, December 10, 2010

Is "the force" with you?

I saw this on CNN today... 'The Force' is with you, Katie

It's about a little girl who was being bullied because of her love for Star Wars. This story stuck out for me because we are a family of Star Wars fans. All right, I admit...I'm not really a fan, but I tolerate it for the sake of my family. My husband, Jed, who is calmly referred to as Jedi, has always LOVED Star Wars. Dakota is an avid fan. Last year, Santa brought him his 1st light saber. He has shirts with Star Wars, toys, and now he wants the Legos. He plays the Lego Star Wars games. Daddy is Anakin and Kota is Obi One Kenobi...I know...Daddy is the younger one and Kota is the older one, but that is there characters.

So, this post is more....Let people be who they want to be without making fun of them. It could be your child that someone makes fun of one day. For all the "Katie's" out there...You Rock!

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