Thursday, December 16, 2010

Warming Trend

we had what the meteorologist consider a "warming trend". It happened over about 2 days and we are now experiencing the cold front. I enjoy the cooler weather during the holidays because it makes it FEEL like Christmas. With cold temps, I can image a white Christmas...though we don't usually have them. Snow hits us usually a month before the 1st day of Spring..if we get lucky that year.

But the warming trend gave great excuse to go to the park and ride bikes. Lily constantly asks to "Go to park and play bikes?" and Tuesday, I said "Yes!" She had so much fun. It is funny to watch her...she will park her tricycle near the picnic table where I sit and then run off to play on the rock wall and slide...if anyone, and I mean ANYONE, ventures near her trike, she is off and running to climb on it and ride off telling that person, "NO, MY BIKE!" I try to get her to share, but that is the one thing she does not SHARE with ANYONE. You can consider yourself lucky to ride on her bike...haha

Dakota having fun on his bike

True little Texans...riding off into the Sunset...Happy Trails!

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Annie said...

I also like cold air during Christmas.

Enjoy the weekend.