Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pictures with Santa

I know you don't believe me, but I really am trying to stay on top of the blog. Keeping posts new and current..but sometimes time slips away, and sleep wins.

This past weekend, the kids and I along with Grandma and Alexis (kids' cousin) had breakfast with Santa. It was fun. The kids even sat on Santa's lap. I got a picture of Lily with Santa and then Dakota and Alexis with Santa. I am hoping to get one of just Dakota and Santa soon.

I have never taken my kids to get pictures with Santa..so this is the 1st year ever. And the kids did great. Lily clung to Grandma's neck, but did good once she was set on Santa's lap. Dakota did great as well..and even told Santa that he wanted some Lego's for Christmas. Dakota's likes seem to change each week as to what he wants Santa to bring him for Christmas...but the Lego like seems to be winning. Thankfully, I think Santa has that taken care of. ♥

This week, Dakota will be having his 1st school Christmas party...he is excited..and even more excited for Friday...It's Pajama Day!! he missed the last Pajama Day (Halloween party) because we had to go to a funeral...so he has been looking forward to this day for awhile. Saturday, we have plans to ride The Polar Express. The kids are extremely excited, as am I. I think we have watched The Polar Express more than I can count...and we listen to the soundtrack on the way to school most days. Exciting plans...and Christmas is almost here!

Lily with some bells during one of her redecorating sessions

The Christmas tree is up..and Lily has redecorated it what seems like a gazillion times. She actually sneaked a few bells off the tree today and carried them around on our errands. At least I knew where she was at all times...thanks to the jingle bells in her pocket.
We have yet to put up our outside Christmas lights...With it getting dark before Jed gets home, it's not really in the plans to do. Maybe Saturday morning we can get them...Hey! one week before Christmas is still before Christmas!

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Annie said...

Really cute pictures.

Don't worry about blogging is a hard season.