Thursday, April 5, 2012

6 month appt for Leia

Here's Leia 6 month check up stats--> 16 lbs 15.6 oz (so, 17 lbs with clothes, lol) and 26.5 inches tall. She is in the 70th for weight, and 75th for height.
Dr said she is doing good. I can feed her more baby food. And that her only having 4 oz of bottle at each feeding is okay..and wanting to eat every 2 hours is normal (UGH!)
But she says the up every few hours at night is not common. It could be from her teeth or maybe a cold. But her ears, nose, throat, chest, all sound and look fine. If the runny nose doesn't go away, it could be allergies (shoot me NOW!). And another reason why she might be not sleeping as well...she could have hit the separation anxiety phase and just really want her mommy.
Dr says she is progressing great...super active for her age. Great sitting up and attempting to crawl. She thinks she'll be pulling up by her next appt (9 month checkup in July).
Oh! and she did a recheck of Lily for me since we finally finished all the antibiotics...Lily has a bit of fluid in one of her ears, but everything else is good.

And here's a picture of all 3 kids. This was us camping out in the hallway during our Tornado Warning on Tuesday night. This was hours after the tornadoes hit the Dallas area. So glad nothing touched down near us...but thankful for all the rain.

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Annie said...

She is beautiful.

Happy Easter!!!!