Thursday, April 12, 2012

Monster Baby starring Leia

 Look at Monster Baby...Up on all fours, doing her "Crawl". It's crazy and amazing all at the same time.
Do you see the princesses all lined up in front of Leia? the kids were playing Attack of Monster Baby. :)
 The kids think it's hilarious that "Monster Baby" sat on the princesses.  But Leia didn't care what she was doing, she was in her own little world.
As happy as can be...for these few minutes.
Teething has hit it's peak with us. She is working on her top teeth or more. So, we haven't seen the smiley Leia for awhile :(  So happy for a happy baby :)

a few hours after this scene, Leia took off crawling/one-leg-dragging across the floor for my flip flop and of course, a power cord. She's mobile now.

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Annie said...

She is adorable. I don't know you but for me she looks alike Dakota.

Welcome active girl, now is where the fun begins.