Monday, April 30, 2012

Let's celebrate!!

It's Monday, and It's my BIRTHDAY!!!

I have hit the glorious milestone of 30!! Wowza! Staying all night is not the thing for me. Leia "partied" all was a teething party :(  She is trying to cut all 4 top teeth at once.

But it's my special day and IT WILL BE FABULOUS!

Currently, our van is in the shop since it was making a funny noise on the way to school this morning. Lily's highlight of the day was watching the tow truck guys come pick up our van and take it away. Since we didn't know what was causing all the racket, and it sounded like a belt had broken. We thought it best to not drive it to the dealership but to just have it towed. Thank you, God, for incredible parents who insist on my having AAA. I have free towing!! Sweet!

Now, I'm wondering if I should make my own cake...I think Lily would have a wonderful time decorating it. Well, Kota would, too. Now, to see if I have everything and icing. I know I have sprinkles...they are Christmas sprinkles, but sprinkles are sprinkles, right?!

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