Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter pictures debut

It's that time again...Spring time and let me tell you, it's hitting us hard. Wonderful spring time allergies *achoo*
I'm thinking as long as we get regular rains to wash the pollen away, it might be okay...but I continuously have the itchy throat, drainage, runny nose, oh! you get the picture.
We took this past Saturday to take our Easter pictures. And here's a few for your enjoyment.

The big kids

Leia, Dakota, and Lily....forgive the pacifier, Leia's a bit cranky. She's teething again or has a cold or it's allergies...who knows...but I do know that she is super cranky for now.

Look at super baby! I put her in the basket to hopefully get a cute shot and she decided NOW was the time to try to stand up on her own. She nearly flipped the basket over. We ended up moving the basket to the ground. Leia is growing so fast! 6 months old tomorrow. :)

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Annie said...

Adorable pictures of the kids.