Friday, October 12, 2012

Eventful Amazing Day

As of today, all 3 children have had some sort of procedure that has included anesthesia. Dakota had tubes and dental work done. Lily had open heart surgery and dental work done. And Miss Leia joined the ranks today with having tubes put in. 
She did fantastic overall. I really thought when she woke up at 3am that it was gonna be a super exhausting day. It was for a bit. Leia just didn't understand why I wouldn't give her a cup of milk. She cried and then played, and then cried some more. We left the house around 5am and headed to the hospital. We were checked in and they started doing her stats and such. After that, I popped in a Baby Einstein DVD and Leia drifted off to sleep. We cuddled for a bit til it was time to move to holding and then on to surgery area. 
The Dr went over everything that would happen, asked if I had questions, and then asked if he could pray with us. Yes! I was a bit shocked about this..never EVER had this happen between myself and a doctor. But I was impressed nonetheless. It kinda put me at peace about this all procedure.
20 minutes later and I was called back to recovery to cuddle with Leia. And within an hour after that, we were headed out the door.
Leia is doing superb, though has a few cranky moments.

 Dozing for a bit before procedure

 Guzzling down that juice...she was a thirsty baby

Overall, she did great!

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