Thursday, October 11, 2012

Grammar Nazi?!

See the note above...well, my wonderful sisters send them periodically to my kids.  The kids LOVE getting something in the mail. And this time, they got postcards. Well, Dakota is in 1st grade now and he's learning ALOT.
Here is a quick run down of how Dakota read his postcard:

  "Kota: (I'm gonna pause right here) Just a note to say Hi and that I miss you. (hmm...that should have an "I" there before the word "hope", so I'm gonna put that in there for Aunt Tammie.) "I" hope school is going well. "I" see you soon. Love, Aunt Tammie."

Needless to say after he read his postcard to me, I called Aunt Tammie and we talked about his grammar corrections...Hahaha!! I didn't know whether to be proud or to be embarrassed. Whichever..His teacher is doing something right!!

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