Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The pumpkin lighting

 We decided to take things slow this year...carve one night and light the next. The kids enjoyed it...and it made stretching the pumpkin activities to 2 nights easier. 
When it came time to find some tea lights for the pumpkins, I realized we were out! So, the 2nd best option.....Birthday candles!!! They worked perfectly. I lit a candle, dripped some hot wax in the bottom of the pumpkins and then stuck the birthday candle in the hot wax and SUCCESS!! 
I was surprised at how much they illuminated.

Leia climbs into the chairs on the front porch at any chance she can get. She's my little daredevil. She was a bit hasty a few days ago, and toppled out of the chair :( But she's learning.

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