Monday, October 22, 2012

I really WAS a good child

Yes! I really was a good child. It was the teenage years that I plead the 5th on. So...Today, when I called my mother to apologize for all the grief I created, I figured it would make amends. And miraculously I know wishful thinking my children would be perfect little angels. NOT!

I woke up to a cranky 4 almost 5 year old whining because she couldn't find any shorts. She was intent on having a pair of shorts to wear today. So when I offered up a short, oh me! oh my!! that started almost World War III. 

Finally, we get everyone dressed and the oldest dropped off at school. All is going well. The girls have some breakfast. Lily dumps her orange juice all over the floor in her room..WHY! it was in there, I have no idea. We get that cleaned up. Then the girls play some. The tunnel is pulled out, all blocks and stuffed animals are out and all over the house. It looks like the toy box threw up in the living room. Suddenly all is quiet. I call for Leia. She comes toddling in. And she has black spots all over her head. WHAT?!??!?!  It has been done with a marker. I call Lily in and she comes from the bathroom with a dripping washcloth saying "I got it ALL off my legs, Mom!" I try to be proud but I'm very close to losing it. I follow her to her room to finish wiping off the marker marks off her legs. Then I start wiping the marks off Leia's head...I'm sitting on Kota's bed, I turn. There's writing all over his sheets, all over the wooden bunk bed, and on my kindle that a certain someone sneaked into their room. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!
We break out the Clorox wipes and use some elbow grease. Most comes off but not all. I haven't even tried to get it out of the sheets yet. you can tell from the title, I really WAS a good child. I guess I'm earning rewards in Heaven for days like today ;)

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