Tuesday, January 15, 2013

15.5 months old

Here is my recent e-newsletter about Miss Leia. This fits Leia to a T. She is experimenting with EVERYTHING right now. She pounds, squeaks, throws, drops, dumps...oh! you get the idea. Add the experimenting with her love of inhaling fruit snacks and cutting eye teeth all at the same time. This momma is running crazy. I love seeing her learn new things, but I enjoy when I put her to bed at night. This gives me time to recoup and more than likely, Leia is given time to plot for the next day.

Your baby is learning to categorize things (food items, purple items, "my" items) and also to make theories about them. Sound like science class? It is! When your baby turns a cup of water upside down to see the liquid pour out, she’s observing what happens, just as she is when she dumps over a pail of sand or drops food from her high chair. Which types of food bounce; which go splat? These advanced experiments in cause and effect also include turning knobs (time to teach "hot!") and listening for the sounds that things make when they’re pounded. 

On a different note, we had a tease of sunshine last week. It was spectacular. The kids and I went to the park. They ran, jumped, hopped, skipped, swung, and crawled. The sunshiny day was needed for all. The last 2 mornings here, we have awaken to an icy windshield and freezing rain. Definitely not the fun stuff like snow, but at least it's not sticking. 31 degrees here right now. Brrrr for this Southern girl.

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