Thursday, January 24, 2013

Angry Birds Party Prep

There's a party coming up....Saturday is the BIG DAY! 

We are throwing Dakota an Angry Birds Party.  Jed and I got this fabulous idea to make a life size Angry Birds game. Slowly, this idea is coming together. Thanks to Pinterest, a friend donating a bunch of cardboard boxes, and a trip to Academy (sporting goods store).

I found a super size water balloon slingshot at addition to red and yellow balls. Now, I just need to make some piggies ...I'm thinking some stuffed paper plate piggies might be exactly what I will do. I can get the kids to color the plates green....add some tape and stuffing...and graphics to the front plate and done (I hope)

This blog post Angry Birds (and Pigs) Ball Tutorial, found via Pinterest helped me recreate what's in the pictures above.

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