Thursday, January 3, 2013

schooling after Christmas break

Kids are back in school today. Dakota has all day school and Lily is still in half day school. But ya know, the house already seems quieter. 

Leia is going to her ENT today. She was positive for the Flu last Friday and earlier this week, her ears started draining and getting yucky. The ENT wants to check them out and make sure that nothing is wrong with her ears or tubes. Hoping for a good appointment today. 
Today, Leia is 15 months old!!! Craziness. Time is flying by....does it seem to fly by faster with your last child? I think so.

She's turning into a smart one, too. She had climbed on the top bunk yesterday. I walked in there and called her name,  "Leia Marie. Get down right now. 1....." And Leia replies with "2" smiling from ear to ear. I couldn't hold the laughter back.

I guess I really do count alot when getting the children's attention. Maybe I should start counting to 10 so Leia can count higher than 2 ;)

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