Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Remember when?? fun times

As I watched Leia (yes, Leia, the almost 18 month old) pursue my kindle, I thought WOW!! technology is so advance from when I was little.

Thinking back to the internet and similar technology, I was "Schooled" on setting up an email account during my 2nd year of college. yes, that's right! 2002 is when I set up my first email account. And it was used to correspond with my boyfriend while I was 1,000 miles away. Hmmm...how times have changed.

I remember listening to music on our record player in the living room on raining days. We would line up blue blocks.5-6 on one side of the room and 5-6 on the other side of the room. And then roll a golf ball from side to side to see who could knock down all the other person's block. Fun times. We could really get into this game. I haven't found the right size blocks to play this game with my kids...yet. 

Cassette tapes are something my kids will more than likely never enjoy. Recording songs from the radio or the newest Adventures in Odyssey story. And when they were considered "trash", they became perfect decorations ...I loved pulling the ribbons out of them.

Guess I need to "school" my children in the things of the past, so if records do come back out; my kids won't use them as Frisbee's.  ;)

On a different note, the load bearing wall was put up yesterday in Dakota's new room. Contractor is working on the floor today. It's coming along nicely. Dakota and his friend are already making "No Lily Zone" signs.

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