Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fun with friends

A few evenings ago, we headed off to the park to play til the sun went down. The kiddos had a great time. They usually always have a great time when Daddy goes to the park with us. 
After we got home, our neighbor and her girls were outside playing. We ventured over to say Hello and then ended up sitting down and letting the kids play some more. We broke out some glow sticks and Sweet Tea!! Yes, perfect East Texas evening. All the kids had a blast with the glow sticks...making different patterns, circles, etc. 
Then they took to just tossing the glow sticks in the lush grass and playing "pick up sticks" :)  

My neighbor had a sprinkler system on timers...well, we talked her into turning them on early and taking the kids by surprise. Oh, yes!! it was the best surprise EVER!! 
I love these last few evenings before school starts back up. But mostly, I love time spent with family and friends ♥

The flash caught the spray of water and not the kiddos' reactions to the sprinkler surprise...Hey!! it was worth a spot, though.

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