Thursday, August 1, 2013

Imagination makes the best memories come alive

I remember the summer days of my childhood. We had some hot humid summers. I grew up in Florida. If it wasn't hot, it was hotter...and if you didn't have hot, it was raining. 

My mom didn't let us sit inside and become couch potatoes. If we were inside (and it wasn't raining), we were doing chores, taking naps, or sick. My brothers and sister (I'm part of a group of 4 younger children...there were also 4 older children but they were teenagers/college age at the time) would build tree forts, make the coolest swings, and we were pretty awesome pool makers.
For whatever reason, we had large metal barrels in our backyard. Oh! the things we could do with those barrels. We would swim in them. You could turn them on their sides and walk all over the orchard area with them. Use them to boost yourself up a tree and sneak attack the other teams tree fort. Oh, YES!! we had fun in the summers. We would play all day, come in for lunch, and continue playing til it was time to set the table for dinner. There was nothing more refreshing than drinking that cool water from the water hose.
Awww, sweet memories of way back when. ♥

With technology so far advanced, it's hard to keep your kiddos with just the basics of summer fun. There's splash parks, water parks, ample blow up pools, slip n slides, etc. I almost bought a tarp for my children the other day...just to see what their imagination would make. Would they try to make a swimming pool like my siblings and I would do?? Would they sneak some soap from the cabinet to make it a sudsy slip n slide?? would they make a tent with it?? Could it become a magic carpet that would take them off to Neverland to fight with Captain Hook??

I'm glad I have such sweet memories of summer. I hope that I have given my children the same chances to create beautiful summer memories with their siblings as well.

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