Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer days are almost over

 Lily has been attending Dance mini camp this week. The local high school precision team is putting it on. She is having a BLAST!! absolutely loves it. Tomorrow is her "show off" day from all that she's learned at camp.
I never thought she'd be so excited about dancing :)

 Finally keeping the barrette in her hair ... I think it makes her look older. My little baby is growing up. I've already started planning her 2nd birthday (less than 2 months away). Sleeping in a big girl bed, feeding herself, and soon to be potty training...eek!! It happens all too fast.

My precious baby boy! He helps me out around the house alot these days..and I love it. I'll be sad when he's off at school all day. He will definitely be missed. But he's excited to start 2nd grade!!

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