Saturday, October 12, 2013

Parenting...learning from those before us

In more ways than one, I find myself acting like my parents.
Some might find this as a "curse", but I find this as a compliment to my wonderful parents. It shows that I paid attention at least a little growing up. :)

The sing-songy-make-up-your-own-tune-and-lyrics is a hereditary characteristic for me. My dad was always making up little ditties....for cleaning, learning, obeying, bible verses, and just plain fun. I find myself doing this more often with the youngest. She's at the independent stage and my saying "No" opens all every can of worms with her. She detests that word...and I detest the reaction to that word. So, I've taken to "singing" my words as opposed to "screaming" them. 

As for the characteristics of my mom....Hello, I'm Dr. Joy. Tell me your symptoms. I don't always know the best remedy, but more times than not upping your acidolphilus or just drinking water is my go-to remedy. I can even prescribed chocolate for those crazy times *wink wink* Yep! I'm at your service with my knowledge.

When I realize the different nuggets of characteristics I've taken from my parents over the years, it makes me thankful for them. I never understood their reasoning for different situations when I lived at home. But since I've married and had kids, wow!! my parents are geniuses. They should write a book on "Just because everyone's jumping off a bridge...." oh, you get the idea ♥ 

All I can do--for now--is say Thank you. I hope and pray that they are proud of their youngest daughter. Dad taught us this way back during family devotions...he even put it a tune ♪♫
 "Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right."
 ~Proverbs 20:11 

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