Wednesday, October 16, 2013

School mornings...where's my coffee?

Sometimes, I space out while dealing with the children and wonder how'd mom and dad do it with 8 kids?  My children aren't super close in age and I only have 3. My parents had 4 in stair step order and then 3 more and 5 years later, the last child was born. I would go completely mad dealing with that many children and seeing to each and every thing they need. But my parents did it and are still kicking. And now enjoying the fruits of their labor....grandkids. 

This morning was one of those "if-I-can-just-get-them-to-school" days. 
My first alarm goes's the one labeled "get up for COFFEE!!" 15 minutes later, the next alarm goes off....SCHOOL!! I start with the oldest. He wants to snuggle in his bed. He seriously thinks if his feet don't touch the floor, then the day really never starts.  After I get him moving, I head to the girls' room. Lights on! and covers pulled off. Talking all the while. 
~off to start Kota on some breakfast~
Usually by this time, Little Chickie is running to have "fute loops" with her big brother. Then it's the task of getting the middle child up. It's a real task. The only day she actually jumped up out of bed was the 1st day of school. Since then, she drags it out longer each day. Then the last alarm goes off. Meaning 15 minutes til the neighbor girl's bus arrives (Lily's friend) and 15 minutes til "Play of the Day" on Good Morning America (That's our cue, that it's almost school time) 
In those next 15 minutes this morning, it was a busy time. Breakfast for 2 to finish, clothes (including socks n shoes) for the middle child. Getting breakfast for middle child...all the while, I realize Little Chickie is running naked through the house. I holler "get panties on or sit on the potty, Leia!!!" Well, she sat on the potty and the next thing I know (I'm doing Lily's hair now while she's brushing her teeth) "I did it, Mommy!" She went to the potty all by herself. The smile on her face made the hectic crazy morning worth it---not that I'd want to replay the adventure again. 
While I love to help my kids with different things, I look forward to the few independent moments...Well, really, I look forward to LOTS of independent moments. As long as they still give hugs and lovin', I'll be okay embracing their independence...I think. 

We made it to school...a few minutes later than our usual time, but they weren't late. 

All the while, my coffee sat at the Keurig. I did hit the brew button, but forgot about it after that. ♥

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