Monday, March 24, 2008

Lily has gained more weight...

Lily with Brooke (Jed's cousin) at our Easter gatheringLily--first time to have cereal

Lilyann now weighs 10 lbs 10 oz...she is growing and growing. At her checkup today, the Dr told me that if we wanted to, we could take off Lily off the pump during the day and then put her back on the pump at night. Lily still isnt eating all that much by mouth, but she is doing better. She enjoys eating cereal and bananas (babyfood) She actually seems to enjoy eating from the spoon better than drinking her bottles. Lily has a little nasal congestion right now, so she is kind of miserable. We are watching the congestion so that it doesnt turn into anything worse which could delay her surgery; we, and the dr think that it is because of all the pollen outside.

Lilyann's next weigh in will be on April 4th. She will also have her 4 months well check up and get her 4 months shots :(

Lily seems to be doing much better (minus the nasal congestion) she is cooing more and she likes to stand. And she is more aware of what is going on. She knows when we arent in the room with her and she lets us know.

Continue to pray for Lilyann. Her surgery is still scheduled for April 15th.



Little Lily looks like such a big girl standing up... with a little help of course.

Natty prays every day for little Lily's surgery to go well and that Jesus will heal the hole in her heart. I truly pray she can meet her special cousin one day...and Dakota too!

I liked the pictures of the Easter Egg Hunt. Do you remember our egg hunts when we were little? I remember how Tammie used to tease me incessantly (if that is how it is spelled). I cried when I didn't get the golden egg...and well, you know how our beloved Tammie is! She never let that down. I'm sure I'll have to dig up some stuff on Tammie when she was little.


The Smiths said...

I remember them vaguely..I think what i remember the most was having you, Vida, Bumper, and Michael there..i do remember hunting for something around the well or water tower. It has been too long...we definitely need to get all together..Have a Popow family reunion sometime least before our kids start having kids.