Monday, March 17, 2008

So excited!! Lily has made it passed the 10 lbs mark!!

I had to take Lily back to the Dr's office , yet again, to have her feeding tube put back in. Lily is getting smarter and smarter--getting that tube out all the time. The nurse showed me how to put the tube back i can try to do it at home instead of bringing her to the Dr or the pediatric unit every time. On to the good news....Lily was weighed today and she now weighs 10 lbs 4 oz!!! YAY!!
And i just turned her pump up to 35 ml/hr...I waiting to see if she will be able to tolerate it...which i think she will be. Also, I asked the Dr about starting Lily on cereal--the Dr said that it was okay--so we will try cereal maybe when Jed gets home from work. The cereal should help satisfy Lily a bit more.

Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming....

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That is a tremendous praise from the Lord! Now you can officially call her a "chunky" baby :)))!

Our Great God is so GOOD!

We continue to pray.
Christy For All
Mark 11:23-24