Thursday, March 6, 2008

We have a weight gain!!!

Lilyann is up to 9 lbs 10 oz!!! She has gained 7 oz since she has been home...that makes me so happy. Also, the Dr took her off the prevacid (because we think that is what has been causing her to throw up)...we actually ran out of the RX yesterday--Lily had missed 2 doses and since she hasn't been on it, she hasn't thrown up at all. They had to remove the tape because Lily was getting a rash under the tape (the tape the holds the feeding tube down) so they went ahead and took the feeding tube out and put in back in on the other side/nostril...She handled it pretty good. Lily chest is sounding better..she really doesn't sound sick at all until she coughs (which isn't happening as much as it used to).

The Dr was happy with her progress...we wont see the Dr next week for a weigh in because we are going to see the heart specialist next Friday and they will weigh her. Also, the Dr told me that i can give Lily a bottle if i want to...Just keep her on the continual pump more than she isn't on it...So i can take her off and give her a bottle and then after awhile put her back on the pump...I'm so happy...

Once we got home, I gave Lily a bottle and she took almost an ounce...which is awesome for she is back on the pump while she is sleeping.

Thank you so much for the prayers...and continue to pray...there is a God and i know he is listening. I find everyday that there are more churches and the church families praying for

Lily. Yesterday, I received a letter from Stamps First Baptist Church in Stamps, Arkansas that is praying for our Lilyann...and Today, a card from the New Albany Presbyterian Church in New Albany, Mississippi. It is such a blessing to know that so many are praying for our Lily.



Lily is truly an adorable little girl. I just cannot get over how beautiful her face is. She really does have a sweet spirit. It reminds me so much of Mercy. Even been sick and pulled around by her sisters these past few days, Mercy continues to smile. Lily appears to be just like that...always having a smile.

Keep the pictures coming...and continue the weight gaining, Lily. We'll keep on with the praying!!!

Christy For All The Shu Fam
Proverbs 3:5-6

Thankfulplace said...

Joy, it's been a while since we've done any blogging, but we were happy to see the updates about Lily today. We are praying for all of you. Kenny is praying too. We trust today will be a good day for you.
the Earnshaws