Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Easter Weekend

Dakota with his cousin, Alexis at the courthouse Egg hunt
Dakota opening his eggs at Boo's house
Dakota and Alexis looking for eggs at Boo's house

This weekend was definitely a fun one for our family. With Dakota being 2 yrs old now and understanding more, He actually enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs...and it was even more fun opening the eggs to see what kind of surprises were inside.

On Saturday, we went to Jed's grandparents house. That morning, we went up to the Gilmer Courthouse lawn; Dakota and Alexis, his cousin took part in the Easter egg hunt. The courthouse egg hunt got them ready for the egg hunt at Boo's (Jed's grandma) house.

So we went back to Boo's house and we had lunch and the kids had another Easter egg hunt. This time, Alexis and Dakota were going after the eggs. It was quite enjoyable to watch.

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